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Electric Flow

Electric flow expands traditional vinyasa to include multiple movement styles. This class provides a full-body workout that cultivates strength, flexibility, endurance, and mindfulness.  THIS IS A HEATED CLASS

Yin Yoga

Yin Yoga is a slower-paced, more meditative version of yoga. In Yin yoga, poses are held for a longer periods of time to strengthen and heal our fascial tissues (ligaments, tendons, fascia, and connective tissue) rather than focusing on the muscles.

Gentle Vinyasa

Gentle Vinyasa involves a series of flowing postures that are synchronized with the breath. This is a slower-paced class that allows more time for beginners or those seeking a more relaxed practice to comfortably move into and hold postures.

Pole Dancing Level 1

In this class we will be working on beginner pole dancing moves and combos. Perfect for those just starting out pole or those who would like to work on refining their technique. No previous experience is required.

Pole Climbs and Inverts

In this class, we will be working on breaking down climbing and inverts. Start building strength with various conditioning moves. Those who are experienced with climbs and are starting to get their inverts will begin to work on various leg hangs and shoulder mounts. Please make sure to wear shorts above the thighs or sticky leggings. A tank top that allows the bicep to grip the pole will also be helpful.

Pole Dancing Intermediate

In this class, we will be taking it to the next level by working on inverts and leg hooks. We’ll begin to do more tricks aerially and solidify various forms of climbing. It is recommended to have taken a few level one or basic classes or to have previous aerial apparatus experience.

Kids Aerial Yoga

Kids Aerial Yoga allows kids to discover the joy of movement and imagination as they soar through a series of fun, age-appropriate aerial poses using soft, secure hammocks. Children will learn to fly, swing, and hang upside down, developing strength, flexibility, and balance in a safe and supportive environment. Recommended for ages 7 to 11.

Restorative Yoga

Restorative yoga is a style of yoga that encourages physical, mental, and emotional relaxation. Appropriate for all levels, restorative yoga is practiced at a slow pace, focusing on long holds, stillness, and deep breathing.

Freebird Flow

Freebird Flow is a vinyasa style class that provides a fluid asana practice. Freebird Flow focuses on uniting breath and body through the philosophy of one movement, one breath. Our Flow classes help build strength, flexibility, and mental calmness.

Subtle Body Flow

Subtle Body Flow (previously deep hatha) is a slower paced practice with poses that are accessible. Subtle body flow focuses on establishing fascial alignment, muscle integrity, and conscious relaxation.

Rise and Shine Flow

Rise & Shine Flow is a vinyasa style yoga that is designed to energize your day.

Aerial Yoga All Lvls

Tap into your inner child as you learn various stretches, poses, and inversions on the aerial hammock. Build strength, flexibility, and relieve chronic pain while also having a blast on this amazing apparatus! 

Gentle Aerial Yoga

Gentle Yoga provides a slower style of yoga that allows for a deeper connection to breath and alignment. Gentle classes integrate the use of props to assist students in establishing their postures. The poses in Gentle are primarily seated or lying down with the intention of opening up the hips and shoulders. 

Lyra All-Lvls

Learn tricks and poses on the aerial hoop. Whether it's your first time on the hoop or you have been flying for years, we will have something for you! Find your sense of play and grace while building strength and endurance. All bodies are welcome and no prior dance experience is required! 

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